Wrestling Takedowns

Wrestling Takedowns

Takedowns are one of the most fundamental moves in wrestling. There are many different types of takedowns that wrestlers use against opponents. Keep reading to learn more about takedowns in wrestling.

What Is a Takedown in Wrestling?

A takedown is when a wrestler goes from the neutral standing and brings their opponent to the mat and takes control. A takedown is worth two points for the wrestler who performs it successfully. 

Types of Takedowns

Types of takedowns in wrestling include:

  • Leg Trips
  • Single Leg Takedowns
  • Double Leg Takedowns
  • Duckunders
  • Fireman's Carry
  • Underhooks
  • Overhooks
  • Bear Hugs
  • Spin-Arounds

Leg Trips

A leg trip is a move in which a wrestler uses their leg or legs to unbalance an opponent and force a fall. Leg trips are also common in other types of combat sports, such as karate, judo, and freestyle wrestling. A common type of leg trip is the scissor kick.

Single Leg Takedowns

A single leg takedown involves grabbing one of your opponent's legs and using it to force them down. The usual tactic is to force the opponent’s leg in one direction while using your torso or shoulder to force their body down. Some types of single legs takedowns include ankle picks and high crotch takedowns. They are often combined with leg trips.

Double Leg Takedowns

Similar to single leg takedowns, double leg takedowns involve using both of the opponent’s legs. Often, this involves embracing the legs while using the chest and shoulders to push the opponent down from below the waist, in a form of grappling. Double leg takedowns can potentially be combated via a guillotine choke.


A duckunder involves the wrestler pulling on their opponent’s arm, pulling it away from the body and attempting to “duck under” it (as the name implies) in order to get behind the opponent. Even if the wrestler does not get behind the opponent, they can still try to execute a side throw.

Fireman's Carry

A fireman’s carry involves a wrestler slinging their opponent over their shoulders, similar to the way a fireman carries fire victims out of a burning building. The motion involves grabbing one of the opponent's arms, quickly slinging their body over the shoulders by reaching between their legs, and then slamming the opponent down on the opposite side of the body.


An underhook is a move that involves a wrestler reaching under one of the opponent’s arms and hooking their arm in order to grab the opponent by the back, allowing them to be directed by the wrestler’s movements. An underhook can be single, using one arm, or double, using both arms.


An overhook is the opposite of an underhook, and involves the wrestler placing one or both arms over the opponent’s shoulders and using force to pressure them down. A single overhook is often called a “whizzer.”

Bear Hugs

A bear hug consists of wrapping the arms around the opponent’s midsection. This can be down either beneath the opponent’s arms or over them, pinning them down. This can then be paired with a tilt or leg trip to effect a takedown.


A spin-around is a tactic used when an opponent is attempting a single or double leg takedown, which involves sprawling the legs backwards and then rotating the body quickly in order to overcome the opponent.