Wrestling Reversals

Wrestling Reversals

A reversal is a basic move in wrestling in which a wrestler turns a less-favorable position into a favorable one. There are numerous different types of reversals used in wrestling. Keep reading to learn all about reversals in wrestling.

What Is a Reversal in Wrestling?

A reversal in wrestling is when the wrestlers are on the mat, and the wrestler on the bottom is able to reverse control and put their opponent on the bottom. A reversal move is worth two points if successful.

Types of Reversals

Types of reversals in wrestling include:

  • Switch
  • Granby Roll
  • Peterson Roll


The switch is a reversal used when you are in the bottom position and the opponent has one of your arms. The tactic involved is to shift your body so that your held arm is holding you up, instead of your free arm, after which you use your free arm to reach backwards while turning your opposite hip, grab your opponent’s legs, and drive your body into theirs until you have switched positions.

Granby Roll

The Granby Roll is another form of reversal that is a more advanced switch. To start out, the wrestler must clear their arms, legs, and hips from the opponent’s grasp. Then, they execute a roll in a somersaulting motion to extricate themselves from the opponent’s grasp, followed by facing the opponent and attempting to control their wrist or establish themselves in the top position.

Peterson Roll

The Peterson Roll is a type of Granby Roll reputedly invented by wrestler Ben Peterson. It can be done from a standing position, and involves leaning the body forward while simultaneously hooking the opponent’s leg from behind to roll their body along with yours until you are on top.