Wrestling Moves

Wrestling Moves

Wrestling is a very physical and technical sport, and as such, one of its key aspects is the variety of moves and strategies wrestlers use in their matches. These moves range from takedowns, to escapes, to pins, and each is an important part of what makes wrestling such a unique and complex sport. Read on below to learn about the different types of moves in wrestling.

What Are the Basic Moves in Wrestling?

Throughout a wrestling match, wrestlers have many moves at their disposal that help them earn points to win the match. Each of these moves has a different amount of points associated with it.

The main categories of moves in wrestling are:

Back Points

Another way of gaining points in wrestling is through back points. These points can be gained by forcing near falls, where the bottom wrestler is forced into a high bridge, leans back on their elbows, exposes four inches or less of their shoulder to the mat, or has one shoulder down on the mat and the other 45° above the mat. These near falls are worth two or three points depending on how long the opponent's back is exposed.

Penalty Takedowns

Penalty takedowns are points earned by a wrestler when their opponent commits a penalty. Penalty takedowns can be either one or two points and are earned when the opponent commits the following infractions:

  • Illegal Holds
  • Technical Violations
  • Unnecessary Roughness
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • Flagrant Misconduct
  • Stalling
  • Incorrect Starting Position
  • False Start


What are the basic moves of wrestling?

The basic moves of wrestling are the takedown, the reversal, the escape, and the pin. Takedowns involve wrestlers bringing their opponents to the ground, while reversals and escapes involve extricating oneself from the opponent’s grasp. A pin is a means of forcing the opponent to submit by preventing them from moving.

What is the best move in wrestling?

The best move in wrestling is the cradle, which has many variations and is a great way to get points. The cradle can be performed by grabbing the neck of an opponent, while also wrapping the elbow of the other arm behind the opponent’s knee. After this, the wrestler locks their hands together, and the cradled wrestler will find it very difficult to escape. If the cradle is tight and done correctly, it would most likely lead to three back points or a pin.

What is the most painful wrestling move?

The most painful move that a wrestler can use is the crossface, because a wrestler can wind up and strike their opponent’s nose with their forearm. This move is considered very effective because the pain given to an opponent allows the attacking wrestler to scramble behind their opponents and gain points by continuing to perform new moves.