Wrestling Escapes

Wrestling Escapes

Escapes are one of four basic moves in wrestling. There are different types of escapes that each help the wrestler return to a neutral position. Keep reading to learn about escape moves in wrestling.

What Is an Escape in Wrestling?

Escapes are when the bottom wrestlers break away from the top wrestler and revert back to the neutral position. This type of wrestling move is worth one point.

Type of Escapes

Types of escapes in wrestling include:

  • Hip Escape
  • Snapdown
  • Front Headlock Escape
  • Circle Scramble

Hip Escape

The hip escape is the most basic wrestling escape. It involves pushing off from the opponent’s hips with your own hips and driving the legs backwards. This can help slip your body out of the opponent’s grasp.


In order to execute a snapdown, the wrestler must lift one or both arms, grab the opponent’s head from behind, and pull it down quickly. At the same time, they must step forward and around the opponent in order to get behind them.

Front Headlock Escape

To execute a front headlock escape, which is used when you are in a front headlock, you must use your free hand to push your opponent’s hips away. You then duck beneath your opponent’s arm and slip out of the headlock.

Circle Scramble

A circle scramble is used to escape holds. First, the wrestler must get one leg free. Then, they quickly turn themselves around to face the opponent and break the hold.