Wrestling is an ancient, individual combat sport that pits two wrestlers against one another in a match. The objective function of wrestling is to win the match by "pinning" your opponent's back flatly on the ground. Utilizing a variety of takedowns, clinches, holds and other grappling techniques, wrestlers compete against each other by weight class to determine who is superior. Wrestling is definitely one of the most difficult and demanding sports.


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What is Wrestling?

Wrestling is a high-contact sport in which athletes compete against one another with the goal of ultimately securing an advantageous position over their opponent.

Wrestling has been around since the first Olympic games back in 1896. Wrestling is intense and competitive for the athletes and a great source of entertainment for fans.

Is Wrestling an olympic sport?

Yes. The Greeks established the sport of wrestling several centuries ago.

What are the different kinds of Wrestling?

Wrestling is made up of disciplines, or practices, divided into two categories: International wrestling disciplines and folk wrestling disciplines. International wrestling disciplines include Greco-Roman (the style of wrestling in the Olympic Games), Freestyle, Amateur Pankration, and beach wrestling. Folk wrestling disciplines are any form of wrestling specific to a culture or geographic area, such as oil wrestling, with rules not mandated by an official governing body.


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