What Can You Do With Old Dumbbells?

What Can You Do With Old Dumbbells

Have you had an old set of dumbbells lying around that you haven’t used in a while? Or, perhaps a friend, family member, or neighbor gifted you a set of their old dumbbells? You may ask yourself, “what can I do with these?” There are a few different options that one can pursue if you happen to have an old set of dumbbells!

Things To Do With Old Dumbbells

  • Sell Them
  • Donate Them
  • Use Them

Selling Old Dumbbells

With the rapidly increasing costs of exercise weights, selling an old set of dumbbells is the best route you can take if you do not wish to use them. It is important to first inspect the old dumbbells thoroughly, ensuring they are in a safe and usable condition prior to selling them. Since dumbbells are typically solid iron, they last for quite a long time. As long as they are not rusted or damaged, many people may be interested in buying your old set!

To ensure your dumbbells are sellable, it is key to make a note of any rust, sharp ends, or other damages prior to listing the set. Next, reach out to friends and family members who may be very interested in your unwanted set. If no one you know is currently in the market for old dumbbells, the next best option is to sell them through local swap/sell sites, making sure the transaction is done locally. When selling fitness weights, one may want to avoid offering to ship the weights as the cost of shipping heavy iron can be very expensive. Additionally, be sure to do some background research on the dumbbell set, setting a fair price that accounts for their reasonable market value and any wear that has occurred.

Donating Old Dumbbells

Another great option when dealing with old unwanted dumbbells is to simply donate them! Fitness equipment can be very expensive. Many organizations or people may not have the means to purchase used functioning equipment from resellers. Thankfully, donating old dumbbells is a great way to give them to those that will get more use out of them.

A great way to donate old dumbbells is to inquire with any local gyms or non-profit organizations. Some places may be currently looking for used equipment as long as it is in safe working condition. Alternatively, inquiring with friends and family is also a great way to find your dumbbells’ newest owner. If you have not had luck with either of these options, you can also turn to sell/swap sites to list the dumbbells as free items.

Using Old Dumbbells

The last option for dealing with old dumbbells is simply to use them! Dumbbells are built well, last a long time, and offer a large variety of exercises and usages. If you are not interested in using your old dumbbells at this moment, it may be a good idea to hold onto them in case they pique your interest in the future. Dumbbells can also be very expensive and difficult to obtain. It’s a great idea to hold onto the unwanted equipment if there is a good chance you want to use them in the future.