Wood Chopping

What is Wood Chopping?

The sport of wood chopping is said to have its roots in Tasmania in the 1870s when two lumberjacks bet on who could chop a tree down faster. Since then, the sport has become widespread in many cultures with a variety of competitions in chopping wood. Different nations have unique rules for woodchopping, as well as varying types of competition. Competitors are titled axemen, and they can compete in many different wood chopping challenges. Just some of the possible competitions include the underhand chop, standing block, tree falling, and cross cut sawing.

How is Wood Chopping played?

Axemen are given a piece of wood chosen at random by a third party so that no one can gain an unfair advantage over another. They are expected to chop through the wood as quickly as possible when the competition begins, either at the sound of a gun or an officiant saying "go". The axemen or team of axemen that chops through the wood first is named the winner. Competitions can be as short as twenty seconds, with the record for the underhand chop being thirteen seconds.

How are Wood Chopping Competitions played in different countries?

The variety of chopping competitions creates an opportunity for a large crowd, and most wood chopping competitions occur at agricultural events or fairs. Axemen must be sure to chop through the wood in a certain direction as to not harm any spectators. Different locations also use different types of wood, so there are world records not only for the chopping but also for the type of wood being chopped. Across the world, there are a variety of chopping competitions all with their own unique rules and types of wood.

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