What is windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a sport that is primarily a combination of elements of both surfing and sailing. The sport of windsurfing is performed on a craft known as a sailboard. Windsurfing is the act of standing on the formerly described sailboard in a water source, whether that be oceans, lakes, or rivers. While the wind colliding with the sail provides the momentum the windsurfer has to determine their own direction. There is a very specific way of controlling a windsurfer's direction and turning capabilities that requires a knowledge of wind direction, an ability to balance and move the windsurfers body in the direction a windsurfer needs to turn, and when to turn the sail in accordance with the direction you need to turn. Once a windsurfer becomes experienced at these things they are able to make sharp turns, and control your speed into and out of those turns. Even with the ability to make turns and control the sailboard, there is not always a full powerful wind to propel the board. Many of the best windsurfers are great at paddling and getting the board into a proper position to get the most force from the wind.

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