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Olympic Weightlifting, otherwise referred to as weightlifting, is a competitive sport that tests the strength and technique of athletes through lifting weights. Weightlifters are broken into bodyweight categories and compete against other athletes within their category. Weightlifting competitions consist of 2 events: the snatch, and the clean and jerk. Many people practice weightlifting on their own time outside of the competitive world as a way of staying healthy and in good shape.


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What is Weightlifting?

Weightlifting is a competitive sport that tests strength and technique. Athletes attempt to lift more weight than their opponents, and they compete in multiple events such as the World Weightlifting Championships and the Olympics. It is also practiced recreationally as a way of staying fit.

Recreational weightlifting is popular all over the world. Competitive Weightlifting t is especially popular in Russia and China, which are known as the 2 most successful countries in weightlifting, but there are people competing from nearly every country.

Is Weightlifting an olympic sport?

Yes, men's weightlifting was present in the first Olympics in 1896, again in 1904, and has been in every Olympics since 1920. Women's weightlifting was introduced to the Olympics in 2000 and has been in every Olympics since.


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