What is Wallyball?

Wallyball, also called rebound volleyball, started in the 1970s when a racquetball club decided to turn their racquetball courts into volleyball courts to get more business during the summer. This turned into a nationwide sport that can be found at many universities and sports clubs. Today, there are even several divisions of wallyball: open, advanced, intermediate, beginner, and recreational. Players can compete in different divisions depending on their skill level.

Is Wallyball similar to volleyball?

Wallyball is similar to volleyball in that it is played on a court with a net the same height. The ball is the same size as a volleyball but it is made out of rubber rather than leather. What is unique about wallyball is that players can use rebound the ball off of the side walls in order to trick their opponent. Players must learn to be ready for the ball to be redirected from a wall so that they can keep it in play. Because of the walls and the smaller court size, wallyball is a quicker sport that indoor volleyball.

How is Wallyball played?

The sport can be played two-on-two or four-on-four; these smaller team sizes are necessary for a smaller court. The rubber ball weighs the same as a volleyball but can hurt more if it hits a player, especially if hit from close up. To score points, your team must be the serving team, similar to older volleyball rules. This is called speed scoring. To win the game, teams must reach 15, 18, or 21 points depending on the event, and the winning team must win by two points.

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