Wakeboarding Racks

Wakeboarding Racks

Wakeboarding racks are extremely helpful for boat and wakeboard owners. They attach to the side of the boat and are able to hold multiple boards, keeping the inside of the boat clear of clutter. Usually, owners will take the boots off of the bindings and the boards so they can fit multiple boards on the rack.

What are wakeboarding racks used for?

Wakeboarding racks are used to hold wakeboards on the outside of a boat to keep the inside of the boat clear of clutter. Wakeboarding racks allow the inside of the boat to have more space for people and equipment. They are essential for wakeboarding trips because they create space for more people to be on the boat comfortably.

To use a wakeboarding rack, you simply slide the wakeboard into the rack and then tighten the rack on the wakeboard so it stays in the rack. People usually remove the boots from the board first, so they can fit multiple boards at once. The boots can be placed inside a compartment on the boat, which allows wakeboarders to keep the boat free of clutter. Most wakeboarding racks can hold between three to four wakeboards (without the boots on them).

Things To Consider

When looking for a wakeboarding rack, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of wakeboarding rack are you looking for?
  • How much do you want to spend on a wakeboarding rack?
  • How do you want your rack to attach to your boat or tower?
  • How many wakeboards do you need to store?

What are you looking for in a wakeboarding rack?

  • Durability
  • Weather-resistance
  • To store multiple wakeboards
  • To store boards for other watersports
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use


There are many different types of wakeboarding racks, all of which are good for certain boats and wakeboards.

Standard Wakeboard Tower Rack

Standard Wakeboard Tower Rack

A standard wakeboard tower rack is a wakeboard rack that attaches to the tower on a boat. These racks are great for boats with towers but will not work if your boat doesn’t have a tower. These racks can cost as little as $279. These racks can just be clipped onto the wakeboard tower on the boat. The prices for tower racks can vary, at times costing into the thousands for more durable models.


  • Great material
  • Holds numerous wakeboards
  • Wide variety of options


  • Doesn’t work on boats without a wakeboard tower
  • Can be challenging to assemble
  • Good ones can be pricey

Towerless Wakeboard Rack

Towerless Wakeboard Rack

A towerless wakeboard rack clips onto the side of a boat and holds the wakeboards off of the side of the boat rather than above it. These racks usually only hold one board. The costs are a little bit cheaper than tower wakeboard racks, as most of these racks are around $250. This is a less expensive option in comparison to standard tower racks.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can keep the boots on the wakeboards
  • Cheaper


  • Can’t rack multiple boards on one rack
  • Can still be a little in the way for people on the boat
  • Less durable

Swivel or Spinner Wakeboard Rack

Spinner Wakeboard Rack

A swivel or spinner wakeboard rack is a rack that can be spun inside or outside of the boat. This is nice because it makes it easier to put the boards in the rack. Then it can be spun out of the way. These racks can be a little pricier due to the accessibility and utility they provide wakeboarders with. They tend to sell for about $300.


  • Can fit on a tower boat or a towerless boat
  • Easy to access


  • Expensive
  • Challenging to assemble

Combo Rack

A combo rack is a rack that can hold a wakeboard and a kneeboard or water skis. This rack is nice for boats that have other equipment besides a wakeboard to hold. The price is a little more than other types, at about $350. These racks can hold between two and three different boards, including wakeboards, kneeboards, or waterskis.


  • Can hold different types of boards
  • Can fit on any type of boat


  • Challenging to assemble
  • Most expensive type of rack


These are the best brands to get wakeboard racks from. All of these brands offer every type of wakeboard rack, but some specialize in certain ones.

Krypt Watersports

Krypt Watersports makes plenty of boating equipment for boaters to purchase. They sell towers and wakeboard tower racks, as well as towerless wakeboard racks. Their racks are fairly cheap, starting at about $200 for the simplest, towerless wakeboard rack. However, they also sell packages of towers, racks, and mirrors for upwards of $1,000.

Monster Tower

Monster Tower is one of the most well-known watersports brands out there. They also sell towers, all kinds of wakeboard racks, and much more. Their racks are more expensive, starting at around $275 for a wakeboard tower rack. Monster Tower also sells their own wakeboards, kneeboards, and wakesurf boards.


Origin is another popular brand that sells various equipment a wakeboarder might find useful, including towers, racks, speakers, mirrors, and lights. Their main product is wakeboard towers, but along with the towers, they sell plenty of wakeboard racks. They offer some really cheap towerless wakeboard racks for a little over $100. Additionally, they sell accessories like wakeboard rack covers to put over a rack and wakeboard.


How much do wakeboard racks cost?

Wakeboard racks can greatly vary in price. The price depends on the type of wakeboard rack you decide to buy and how nice of a rack you want. The cheapest racks are the towerless wakeboard racks, which can be as cheap as $100. The most expensive wakeboard racks are the combo tower wakeboard racks that also have a swivel. These can cost thousands of dollars for top models. People also tend to buy accessories like wakeboard rack covers to keep their boards and racks dry and clean.

How many wakeboards can be stored on a rack?

A standard wakeboard rack can store two to three wakeboards as long as the boots are removed from the wakeboard. Racks that hold multiple wakeboards have room for one wakeboard with the bindings still attached on top. Towerless wakeboard racks usually can only hold one wakeboard, but you can keep the bindings on the board, regardless. Combo racks can usually hold one to two wakeboards, along with a kneeboard or wakesurf board.

How do you attach a wakeboard rack to the tower?

Attaching a wakeboard rack to a tower is usually pretty simple. It has a handle that can be tightened around the pole of a tower with screws. Racks with swivels can usually be locked into place and then unlocked to swivel around. After a wakeboard rack is attached to the tower, it stays pretty stable unless you loosen it up. Problems only tend to occur with the racks staying tight around the wakeboards themselves, and this typically only happens with very cheap wakeboard racks. Once a rack is attached tightly, it is usually set for a while. However, you must make sure it stays tight if the rack is attached long-term.