Volleyball Timeout

Volleyball Timeout

During the game, coaches are allowed to request breaks called Timeouts.

Game Intervals

In between sets, teams are allowed three minutes to switch sides and prepare for the next one, this is called a game interval.

Game Delays

If any team takes too long or interrupts gameplay, they may be charged with a violation by the referee for a game delay. This begins as a warning, then turns into a penalty on the second offense.

Injury Delays

If a player gets hurt during the game, the referee stops the game until the player is helped.

30-Second Timeout

Each team is allowed two timeouts that are thirty seconds long. Coaches and players can call timeouts during the game.

Volleyball 30-Second Timeout

Technical Timeout

A technical timeout is a minute long timeout called by a referee. It is typically called when the leading team reaches eight and sixteen points during each set.

There are no technical timeouts during the fifth set.

Volleyball Technical Timeout