Volleyball Opposite Hitter

Volleyball Opposite Hitters

Opposite hitters are key players who are uniquely as important to a team’s offense as to its defense, and they get their name from being stationed on the opposite side of the court as their team’s strong-side hitter. Read on to learn all about opposite hitters and their function on the volleyball court.

Opposite Hitter Definition

Opposite hitters are versatile players who play on the opposite side as the strong side hitter. Since strong side hitters are usually stationed on the left side of the court, opposite hitters are also often referred to as “right-side hitters.” The opposite hitter is important on both offense and defense and can play in both the front and back row.

Roles and Responsibilities

Players are transitioning from offense to defense as the ball goes from side to side, so the goals of the opposite shift as well. Opposite hitters are very versatile, with responsibilities on both offense and defense.

Offensive Goals

When on offense, the opposite hitter’s jobs are:

  • To pass the ball
  • To act as a second setter
  • To attack the right side of the court and score points

Defensive Goals

When on defense, the opposite hitter’s jobs are:

Best Opposite Hitters

Here are some of the best opposite hitters in volleyball:

  • Bartosz Kurek
  • Dmitriy Muserskiy
  • Maxim Mikhaylov
  • Nimir Abdel-Aziz
  • Wallace de Souza


What is an opposite hitter in volleyball?

In volleyball, an opposite hitter is a player who patrols the right side of the court. Their name derives from their placement on the side of the court opposite the strong (left) side hitter. Opposite hitters are often the most versatile players on a volleyball team and are crucial for both offensive and defensive plays.