Volleyball Offense

At all times during a volleyball game, one team is on offense and the other team is on defense. In this tutorial, we'll learn what it means to be on offense.

The team that has the volleyball on their side of the net is on offense. Players on offense are called offensive players.

Volleyball Offense

Goals While on Offense

The goals of a volleyball team while on offense are:

  • To keep the ball in-bounds and off of the ground
  • To get the ball over the net in three hits
  • To set a player up to make an attack and score a point by hitting the ball in the other team's court

While on offense, a team achieves these goals by carefully deciding who hits the ball and when to set up an attack hit near the net.

Transitions From Offense To Defense

In volleyball, teams are constantly trading ownership of the ball. So each time the ball goes over the net, teams are switching from being on offense to being on defense. This means that players must be quick on their feet and have to communicate well with one another to cover the court after hitting the ball over the net.