Volleyball Setter

The setter is usually the decision maker and leader on the court. He is usually the second person to touch the ball. The setter plays both the front and back row. There is usually only one on the court. He, quite literally, tries to set the team up for opportunities to score.

Goals and Job

Players are transitioning from offense to defense as the ball goes from side to side, so the goals of the setter shift as well.

Offensive Goals

When on offense, the setter’s jobs are:

  •  to lead the team
  •  to set the ball up for attacks
  •  anticipate the flow of the game
  •  decide who gets the ball and when

Defensive Goals

When on defense, the setter’s jobs are:

  •  blocking attacks
  •  anticipate the flow of the game

Key Statistics

2017-2018 Team USA Setters

  •  Micha Hancock, Women’s
  •  Carli Lloyd, Women’s
  •  Madi Bugg, Women’s
  •  Lauren Carlini, Women’s
  •  Kowika Shoji, Men’s
  •  Micah Christenson, Men’s