Volleyball Referee

In volleyball, the officials and referees have control of the game. There are four (4) officials for a volleyball game:

  • 1st Referee (x1)
  • 2nd Referee (x1)
  • The Scorer (x2)
  • The Line judge (x2)

Each official and referee is responsible for interpreting the rulebook for a different part of the volleyball game, however the 1st referee always has the final say.

As a volleyball fan, no need to worry about what each of the officials do. If you’re curious, we’ll cover them in future volleyball tutorials.

Faults and Violations

The officials will call faults or violations on a player or a team as they happen during the game.

When players or teams break any rules or make mistakes the referee will call a fault or violation. They usually result in a side out: possession of the ball and a point for the opponent.

Official Signals

You’ll hear the 1st or 2nd referee blow a whistle when a rule is broken. The referee will then announce why play has stopped. The referee will use hand signals to indicate which rule was broken.

Line judges stop play by raising a flag.