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Volleyball Middle Blocker

On offense, the middle is considered a hitter, on defense, he is considered a blocker. He is often the third and last person to touch the ball in a possession. The middle is a key defensive player on the court. The middle is often moving from sideline to sideline and is usually pretty tall.

Table of Contents

Goals and Job

Players are transitioning from offense to defense as the ball goes from side to side, so the goals of the middle shift as well.

Offensive Goals

When on offense, the middle's jobs are:

  • to attack the ball and score points
  • to locate the ball at all times

Defensive Goals

When on defense, the middle's jobs are:

  • to block attacks
  • to coordinate with other players

Key Statistics

2017-2018 Team USA Middles

  • Rachael Adams, Women's
  • Foluke Akinradewo
  • Tori Dixon, Women's
  • Lauren Gibbemeyer, Women's
  • Mitch Stahl, Men's
  • Dan McDonnell, Men's
  • Max Holt, Men's
  • David Smith, Men's


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