Volleyball Middle Blocker

Volleyball Middle Blocker

On a volleyball court, the middle blocker is one of the most important players, especially in defensive scenarios. As one might expect from their name, middle blockers are primarily tasked with blocking. But how do middle blockers play in a volleyball game, and what else do they do besides blocking. Read on to find out.

Middle Blocker

On offense, the middle blocker is considered a hitter, and on defense, they are considered a blocker. They are often the third and last person to touch the ball in an offensive possession. The middle is a key defensive player on the court, often moving from sideline to sideline, and they are usually taller than their fellow players.

Roles and Responsibilities

A middle blocker’s primary responsibility is to block the opposing team’s attack shots. Middle blockers must constantly communicate with their teammates on defense, letting them know which shots they are blocking so their teammates can focus on other shots. Volleyball players transition from offense to defense as the ball goes from side to side, so the goals of the middle shift as well.

As an attacker, the middle blocker is responsible for attacking the middle half of the court, sometimes hitting behind the setter. When attacking, middle blockers typically attempt to use fast-tempo hits to put pressure on the opposing defense. Sometimes, middle blockers may even act as decoys if their teammates are executing a pass. The middle blocker may move as if they are going to hit or set, leading the other team’s blockers to get ready, while in reality, another offensive player hits the ball where the blockers are off-guard.

Offensive Goals

When on offense, the middle’s jobs are:

  • To attack the ball and score points
  • To locate the ball at all times
  • To cover other hitters at the net

Defensive Goals

When on defense, the middle’s jobs are:

  • To block attacks
  • To coordinate with other players on blocks

Best Middle Blockers

Here are some of the best middle blockers in volleyball:

  • Amber Rolfzen
  • Ariana Williams
  • Danielle Scott-Arruda
  • Dmitry Muserskiy
  • Lucas Saatkamp
  • Marko Podraščanin
  • Maurício Souza
  • Max Holt
  • Robertlandy Simón
  • Sebastian Sole
  • Seyed Mohammad Mousavi
  • Simone Anzani
  • Srećko Lisinac
  • Regla Torres
  • Valentina Ogienko


What is a middle blocker?

Middle blocker is a position in volleyball that stands in the center of the front court row. Middle blockers are both offensive and defensive players. On offense, they primarily act as hitters, and are often the last person to touch the ball in a possession. On defense, their primary goal is to block incoming shots by guarding the net and attacking the ball as the other time volleys it over.

What does a middle blocker do in volleyball?

In volleyball, a middle blocker blocks opposing shots and makes attack hits, covering the middle third of the court in the front row. The middle blocker helps coordinate the defense, communicating to their teammates where they are blocking. On offense, the middle blocker puts pressure on the opposing defense with hard, rapid shots.