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Volleyball Libero

The libero is a very important defensive player that substitutes for another player in the back row (usually the middle blocker/hitter). They're marked by their different colored jerseys and must be the designated libero for that game. The libero can exit and enter without substitution requests. He is the defensive leader and never rotates to the front row. Though libero is Italian for "free", the libero has some limitations: he is not allowed to attack the ball above the net, set for an attacker from front court, serve, or block.

There are usually two on the team roster, but only one is allowed on the court at a time. The libero on the court is known as the acting libero, the other is the second libero.

Table of Contents

Goals and Job

Players are transitioning from offense to defense as the ball goes from side to side, so the goals of the libero shift as well.

Offensive Goals

When on offense, the Libero's jobs are:

  • to keep the ball alive and create scoring opportunities
  • to pass the ball to other players

Defensive Goals

When on defense, the Libero's jobs are:

  • to keep plays alive
  • to chase down the ball
  • to dig the ball

Key Statistics

2017-2018 Team USA Liberos

  • Amanda Benson, Women's
  • Justine Wong-Orantes, Women's
  • Dustin Watten, Men's
  • Erik Shoji, Men's

What Can A Libero Do?

The libero CAN:

  • play in the back row player
  • pass
  • set
  • dig

What Can't A Libero Do?

The libero CAN NOT:

  • serve
  • attack at the height of the net
  • block
  • play in the front row

How Can Teams Use The Libero?

Each team has to choose a player to be the first and second libero for the rest of the game. Teams are not allowed to switch liberos during a game.

The main role of the libero is to keep the ball in play. This means diving, rolling, and doing whatever is necessary to make a save. Most of the defensive moves we discussed will be used by the libero.


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