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Volleyball Statistic Types

The statistics of volleyball get recorded by referees during the game. These are terms and phrases you may hear while the game is going on.

Table of Contents

What We'll Be Learning

We'll learn about all the statistics you need to know on offense and defense, including:

  • Assists
  • Hitting Percentage
  • Saves


We learned about how teams score points. Scorers note who scored each point during the game.


When a player scores on a serve, it's called an ace. Each ace is marked in the stat sheet.


The pass that comes before a point is called an assist. The statistics go to the player that made the pass.


Each time a player tries to make an attack it is marked as an attempt.


When an attempted attack scores a point it is called a kill.

Hitting Percentage

A hitting percentage measures the percentage of attacks that were successful for a player. Scorers take the total number of kills minus the number of attacks that ended in error and divide that number over the total attempts. (K-AE/T)


Scorers also mark when players make mistakes. Errors are recorded on serves, attacks, and sets.


Scorers mark the each time a defensive player saves the ball from hitting the ground.


Each successful block is also marked in the score sheet.


Scorers also mark when players make mistakes. Errors are recorded on saves and blocks.


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