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Volleyball Scoring Rules

The team that reaches 25 points first, wins the volleyball game. In this chapter, we will learn how a team can score points.

Table of Contents

Scoring Points

Teams can score on both offense and defense in volleyball. Most of the time, you'll know a point is scored when the volleyball hits the ground in-bounds.

When Are Points Scored

On offense, teams try to hit the ball over the net and into the opponent's court and onto the ground to score a point.

On defense, teams try to block the ball back into the opponent's court to score a point.

Points are also scored following a violation or penalty. If a team commits a violation, this results in a side out, which means the other team gets a point and the ball.

Rally Scoring

Volleyball games are played with rally scoring, meaning each time the ball goes out-of-bounds, hits the ground, or a violation is called, a team scores a point.

So, whenever the ball goes out of play, a point is scored by a team.

Who Can Score Points?

Any of the six players on each team can score a point.


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