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Volleyball Court Dimensions

Table of Contents

The Court

We've already learned about the volleyball court and what it looks like:

Volleyball Court

In this tutorial, we will learn about the dimensions of a volleyball court.

Court Dimensions

The dimensions of a volleyball court will vary based on level (youth, college, professional) or the kind of playing surface (indoor, beach, grass).

According to the FIVB, a regulation volleyball court is 30 ft wide and 90 ft long. [With each free zone that is 10 ft wide on all sides.][1]


The net hangs directly above the centerline and 32 feet wide. The height varies based on where the game is and who is playing. Men's height: seven feet and eleven inches, women's height: seven feet and four inches, outdoor and beach volleyball: seven feet and four inches.

Volleyball Net

Line Dimensions

The attack line is 10 ft away from the centerline and 30 ft wide. The service line and 10 ft long.


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