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Volleyball Court Components

Table of Contents

The Court

Let's begin by looking at the court. Below is a picture of the volleyball court. Don't be intimidated by this picture. We will walk you through every piece of it step by step.

Volleyball Court

Please note that volleyball is played both indoors and outdoors. There are often different dimensions and rules that apply to beach and outdoor volleyball.

What We'll Be Learning

First, we'll learn about the different lines you see on a volleyball court:

1. Attack Line

2. Side Lines

3. Baselines

4. Center Line

5. End Lines

Next, we'll learn about the dimensions and major components you may find on a volleyball court. There are six types of elements you'll learn about:

1. Net

2. Back Court

3. Front Court

4. Antennae

5. Service Area

6. Free Zone

We'll end with a discussion about various boundaries and locations on the court you'll hear about as a fan.

1. Coach Restriction Line

2. Libero Replacement Zone

3. Zones 1-6

4. Substitution Zone

5. Back Row / Front Row

Court Components

There are a few key components of a volleyball court that you should know as a volleyball fan. In this tutorial we'll cover the following:

  • Frontcourt and backcourt
  • Net and antennae
  • Free zone
  • Substitution zone
  • Libero replacement zone
  • Service area

The Net and Antennae

The net acts as the physical divider of the court. A lot of action happens here, blocking, and attacking. We'll talk more about the rules of the net in Chapter 5.2: Volleyball Net Play

The antennae stand at either side of the net, holding it up. It also marks what is in-bounds and out-of-bounds.

The Front and Back Courts

We've talked about the attack line, on either side of this line is the front court and backcourt. These are not the same size, the backcourt is much bigger than the front. Front and back row players stand in their respective courts.

Please note that there are technically two front and backcourts, one on either side of the net. Each team gets their own.

Volleyball Front CourtVolleyball Back Court

Free Zone

This is the area outside of the court's boundaries. Players come here during timeouts.

Substitution Zone

Before substituting into the game for another player during gameplay, a player must wait in the substitution zone in front of the scorer's table.

Volleyball Substitution Zone

Libero Replacement Zone

Before the libero player enters the game during gameplay, he must wait in the libero replacement zone in front of the team bench.

  • Front and Back Row
  • Zones 1-6
  • Service Area
  • Serving Zones

Front and Back Row

We've broken down the frontcourt and backcourt, but you may hear these areas be called front row and back row, because volleyball is played with three (3) players lined up in each court. You'll hear players referred to as front row and back row players.

You may also hear about center-right and center-left. Players in the front row and back rows can be in the center, right, or left of the row. For example, you may hear that a player is in the right back or center front location.

Volleyball Front RowVolleyball Back Row

Zones 1-6

The volleyball court is split into six zones called the serving zones, three in the frontcourt, and three in the backcourt. There is one zone per player on the court. From left to right, zones four, three and two are in the frontcourt. From left to right, zones five, six and one are in the backcourt.

Volleyball Zone 1Volleyball Zone 2Volleyball Zone 3Volleyball Zone 4Volleyball Zone 5Volleyball Zone 6

These are areas that players can target when serving.

Service Area

The service area on a volleyball court is the area behind the baseline designated for serving the ball.

Volleyball Service Area


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