Top 5 Volleyball Brands

Top 5 Volleyball Brands

There are a wide variety of different brands that provide the best volleyball equipment in the world. Each brand has its own specialities, pros, and cons, so it's important to do your research before deciding which brand you want to shop for. Read on to learn about the top five best volleyball brands.

  1. Mikasa
  2. Tachikara
  3. Molten
  4. Wilson
  5. Spalding

1. Mikasa

At number one on the list of the top five volleyball brands is the Japanese company Mikasa. Mikasa has earned their spot on the list based on their overall great reputation as well as popularity when it comes to the sport of volleyball. This company tends to make volleyballs that are best for more elite volleyball players, and therefore they are commonly used in the Olympics.

Mikasa’s products are equipped with grip technology as well as the highest quality materials on the market, working to enhance each player's game experience. Although this company’s products can be expensive compared to other brands, their quality and design guarantee that anyone will not only be satisfied with their purchase but believe that it is worth the investment.

2. Tachikara

Tachikara is a volleyball brand that has been around for just over a century. It was started in 1915, and although it tends to get less media coverage than the flashier Mikasa and Molten brands, its quality continues to keep customers and players coming back for more. 

Another great aspect of the products that Tachikara makes is that they are extremely versatile towards players' ages and skill levels. Tachikara has perfected the creation of a ball that is not only soft to the touch but also aerodynamic in order to create fair game play and consistent touches.

3. Molten

Molten is one of the top volleyball brands and tends to be one of the more versatile companies in terms of the ball quality and who should be using their products. Although Molten has a wide range of different balls and styles, they are very popularly used with younger players.

Molten is also one of Team USA’s Volleyball sponsored brands. No matter your skill level, anyone can use these balls and this brand’s products enjoyably.

4. Wilson

Coming in at number four is the company Wilson. More famous for their equipment used in tennis and other sports, Wilson’s volleyball products are mainly used by first-time volleyball players.

In addition, they are commonly used for recreational play of the sport, meaning that anyone can use this brand, making it a great option for any newbies to the game. That being said, Wilson has a niche popularity in beach volleyball, even becoming the official ball of both the NCAA championship as well as the AVP league

5. Spalding

Another well-known volleyball brand is Spalding. Based in the USA, and working out of Iowa, this company was founded in 1876 and has continued to supply great sports equipment to all generations of American athletes, especially volleyball players.

Spalding is commonly known for making a ton of great balls aimed at beginners. Although this brand has options for volleyball players of all ages, they are geared towards the younger crowd because they tend to be softer to the touch than balls by other brands.

Honorable Mentions


While not as popular as some of the other brands on this list, Baden is another company that makes high-quality equipment for a wide variety of different sports beyond volleyball. They make both indoor and outdoor volleyballs in a variety of different sizes, weights, and colors.

Notably, Baden has a few different skill-training volleyballs that serve as training aids, such as oversized volleyballs and heavy volleyballs. While Baden balls are less commonly seen in competition, they can be a great option recreationally and excellent for developing certain skills.


Franklin is a sports equipment brand that specializes in making quality items at an affordable price. In terms of volleyballs, they make both indoor and outdoor balls in a variety of designs. Franklin makes some of the cheapest balls on the market, ranging from $15 to $60.

Franklin also teamed up with three-time gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings to create an official Olympic beach volleyball. Some of Franklin’s volleyballs can be purchased in a set including both a net and an air pump.


Mizuno is a volleyball equipment brand that specializes in clothing, footwear, and other accessories. While they do not produce volleyballs themselves, they are a leader in the volleyball equipment industry due to their other popular products.

Mizuno produces everything from knee pads to beach volleyball trunks. They also sell team packages, which include color-specific custom apparel and accessories to outfit a whole volleyball team.


What are the best volleyball brands?

Mikasa is the most popular brand for competitive volleyball players, even being used at most professional matches and at the Olympics. If you are a beginning competitor or simply looking to have some recreational fun, you should probably choose a reliable and affordable brand like Wilson or Spalding.

What brand of volleyball is used in the Olympics?

Mikasa is the brand of volleyball used in the Olympics. As one of the most reputable volleyball brands in the world, Mikasa volleyballs are used in a variety of noteworthy competitions. This list doesn’t stop at the Olympics, as Mikasa volleyballs are also used in the FIVB and a variety of other leagues.

What is the best volleyball company for beginners?

The best volleyball companies for beginners are Spalding, Wilson, and Tachikara. All of these brands have affordable offerings made with soft-touch materials that are perfect for volleyball players who are just starting out.