Volleyball Setting Drills

Volleyball Setting Drills

Besides passing, setting is the best way that a volleyball player can set up their teammate for success. Like any skill, it can also be practiced and enhanced through deliberate individual and team drills. Listed below are the main setting drills that any volleyball player should know.

List of Volleyball Setting Drills

  • Have a Seat
  • Long Distance Sets
  • Overhead Set
  • Rapid Pass & Set
  • Set and Freeze
  • Set and Sprint
  • Wall Setting

Have a Seat

Have a Seat is an accuracy drill that is done by two seated players. They will set the ball back and forth, only relying on their arm strength to push the ball to one another. This will increase arm and wrist strength as well as improve accuracy with sets that rely on the arms pushing a ball in a direction.

Long Distance Sets

Long distance sets help strengthen set accuracy and improve wrist strength. In this drill, two players stand across the court from one another and set the ball back and forth. It mimics a set from one side of the court to a hitter on the other side in a game.

Overhead Set

volleyball overhead set

A setter throws the ball up to themselves and practices setting the ball over and over, trying to set it directly above their head. This helps with ball control, as the setter must place the ball directly above or near themselves to continue to set the ball multiple times.

Rapid Pass & Set

volleyball rapid pass set

The rapid pass & set drill is to help a group of players practice passing and setting with both speed and accuracy. It requires three passers, one setter, and one outside hitter. The passers will take turns passing tossed balls towards the setter, who will then set the ball up for the hitter. The main aim of this drill is accuracy, as the setter will repeatedly be placing the ball in the same location for the hit.

Set and Freeze

In this drill, setters will freeze their arm position after setting the ball to determine if they are using proper form. In freezing their position, they show where their arms and body are facing just after completing a set. Then, the coach can show them where to adjust in order to improve their setting.

Set and Sprint

Set and sprint is a timed drill that helps players work on setting quickly. The setter practices setting as balls are thrown to them down a line, and they must constantly move to get to each ball. This drill can be timed by the coach, or they can determine a number of sets the setter must make before finishing. Coaches or other players can throw the ball to the setter, depending on availability.

Wall Setting

Wall setting is a drill that uses a wall to help players increase the accuracy of their setting. Set up about five feet from a wall with a ball in hand. Mark a location on the wall as your target. Repeatedly set the ball while aiming for this target. Using the wall allows for a lot of repetition, one of the quickest ways to develop a certain skill.


What is the best setting drill in volleyball?

The best setting drill in volleyball is Rapid Pass & Set. This drill not only helps players working on their setting skills, but it also helps the participating members work on their passing as well. Rapid Pass & Set also engages five members of the team at a time, because it requires three passers, one setter, and an outside hitter.