Volleyball Serving Machines

Volleyball Serving Machines

There are many pieces of equipment used to sharpen the skills of volleyball players. A volleyball serving machine is an ideal piece of equipment for individual and team practice. In the following piece, we will discuss the types, brands, materials, and things to consider when looking for volleyball serving machines.

What Are Volleyball Serving Machines Used For?

Volleyball serving machines are pieces of volleyball equipment used in individual and team practice exercises. This piece of equipment can be used to train serve-receiving, digging, and spiking techniques.

The serving machines can replicate types of shots players may encounter during a scrimmage or match. This machine is used in a majority of high school, college, professional,, and international volleyball practice exercises. 

The most common practice machines include four main features. Location pins attached to the elevation handle can change the type of shots and position of the ball. Ball bags attached to the machine provide easy storage space for the volleyballs during practice drills. The main feature where balls are fired out of the machine is called the throwing head. Volleyballs can be placed in the location handle of the throwing head to instantly fire the ball onto the court.

Things to Consider

When looking for serving machines, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What level of volleyball do you play?
  • How much are you looking to spend on a serving machine?
  • Do you want a serving machine with wheels or an air propelled serving machine?
  • Where will you be using the serving machine?


When looking for a volleyball serving machine, the three most common forms are two-wheel, three-wheel, and air-propelled serving machines.


volleyball serving machines two wheel

Two-wheel volleyball serving machines are one of the most common types of serving machines used in volleyball practices. This volleyball machine uses its two wheels to shoot out volleyballs with varying speeds, spins, and heights. Similar to three-wheel serving machines, this machine has two contour throwing wheels the ball passes through when fired. The machine can extend up to nine feet for men’s practice reps and can fire volleyballs at speeds of up to 80 mph.


Volleyball Serving Machines Three Wheel

Three-wheel volleyball serving machines are another type of serving machine used in practice. These serving machines have three contour throwing wheels that the ball passes through when fired. Three-wheel machines are used at the highest levels of volleyball competition offering sidespin and power to the game. This type of machine is best for accuracy, repeatability, and timing during volleyball practice exercises.


Volleyball Serving Machines Air Propelled

Air-propelled volleyball serving machines are a popular alternative to wheel-powered machines. The practice machines can replicate competition-level hits, passes, sets, and serves with adjustable angles, velocities, and tempo. Since the machine is powered by air tanks, the balls do not get worn down from passing through the throwing head. Players or coaches can operate the air-propelled machine with a remote control or timer on the machine. These machines do not require a cord and operate on a battery that lasts anywhere from 6-8 hours. Air-propelled serving machines tend to be harder to find and more expensive than wheel-powered machines.


There are a small set of brands to select from when looking for a volleyball serving machine. The largest serving machine brands are AirCAT and Sports Attack.


AirCAT offers one of the premier volleyball training machines on the market. AirCAT specializes in air-propelled machines that use Consistent Air Technology to build hitting, receiving, setting, and blocking skills. AirCAT is built on repetition and efficiency so that coaches can focus on coaching instruction.

Sports Attack

Sports Attack is another major brand of volleyball serving machines. Their machines are built for continuous practice drills, and the development and support of players and coaches. Their products come in four different types of two and three-wheel serving machines.


When looking for a serving machine, you want to take into account considerations like the durability, cost, and sizes of the machines.


Volleyball serving machines are fairly durable and portable pieces of practice equipment that can withstand being hit with a ball. While serving machines do not have a specific lifespan, they can last many years until maintenance is required. When looking for a durable practice machine, you want to check the brand, materials, and price.


Volleyball serving machine prices are based on the make, materials, and year built. Therefore, the machines can cost anywhere from $1,000 for older models to more than $4,000 for newer wheel and air-propelled models. AirCAT’s air-propelled models tend to cost more than Sports Attack’s wheeled models. The two-wheel type of serving machine is the most affordable modern option and can range from $1,500-$3,500. If you are looking for a modern serving machine expect to pay upwards of $1,500.


Volleyball serving machines typically come in one size, but some machines are designed specifically for men’s or women’s competitions. The machines are virtually the same except for the increased heights and speeds on the men’s model. When looking for a machine, you want to select the standard, men’s, or women’s serving machine model that best supports your athletic competition.


What scenarios can a serving machine replicate?

Volleyball serving machines can help players practice scenarios in which they must hit, block, set, dig, receive, or spike the volleyball. The serving machines attempt to replicate the different shots and situations a player may encounter in a game or scrimmage. It can change the position, velocity, and spin of the ball, so players can practice with different types of hits.

How much do volleyball serving machines cost?

Volleyball serving machines are expensive pieces of volleyball practice equipment. These machines can cost anywhere from $1,000 to north of $4,000. The prices of serving machines depend on the type, materials, features, and age of the machine.

What skills do volleyball serving machines help improve?

Volleyball serving machines can help improve essential volleyball skills like receiving, setting, digging, and spiking. The serving machines are frequently used in practice drills and can have adjustable position, velocity, and spin mechanisms.