Volleyball Serving Drills

Volleyball Serving Drills

Serving is one of the most important fundamental skills in volleyball. Practicing serving is key to success on the court. Read on to learn more about specific volleyball drills that will help you improve your serving.

List of Volleyball Serving Drills

  • Around the World
  • Bombs Away
  • Butterfly Drills
  • Serve and Shag
  • Target Practice
  • Toss and Drop

Around the World

volleyball around the world

In Around the World, players practice serving to all of the zones on the court in a game format. Two teams compete to serve into all of the zones. Players take turns serving. Once they land the ball in a zone, they go and sit in that zone. Their teammates have to then try to serve in the other zones. Once one team fills up each zone, they win.

Bombs Away

volleyball bombs away

Bombs away is a fun drill that helps players practice their short serves. Three players serve from one side, and three players stand on the endline on the other side. The servers attempt to serve short serves that drop just over the net, and the players on the other side must try to run and catch the ball before it hits the floor. If the serve hits the floor before the other side can catch it, they get a point. If the team catches it, they get a point. Whatever team has more points at the end of a time period wins.

Butterfly Drill

volleyball butterfly drill

Butterfly drill is a fun rotational drill that helps teams practice serving and passing. Each side of the net will have a server, passer, and setter. At the same time, servers will hit the ball to the passer across the net, who will then pass to the setter. The setter will catch the ball and begin the rotation. Setters join the line of servers, while servers become passers and passers become setters.

Serve and Shag

This drill can be performed either alone or in a group. The purpose is to warm up the arm by serving the ball over the net. After you serve, you are required to retrieve the ball that you just hit. After finding your ball, go back to the serving line closest to you and repeat.

Target Practice

This serving drill focuses on the ability of servers to place the ball in a certain spot on the court. Place a ball cart in the desired location on one side of the court, with the team lined up on the other side. From the serving line, allow players to serve individually. Award points to players who hit the cart. Once a player reaches the desired number of points, the drill is over. The winning player is often rewarded with not having to participate in cardio exercises shortly after the drill.

Toss and Drop

Toss and drop allows players to master their timing when serving. Line players up at the end line with a ball. Place markers below them indicating where the ball should land. Have the players toss the ball in the air and let it drop onto the floor. It is important to remember that the toss should be an arm’s length away from the hitting arm.


What is the best serving drill in volleyball?

The best serving drill in volleyball is target practice. Target practice involves players serving the ball to a specific point on the opposite side of the court, such as a cone or cart. This drill forces players to focus on accuracy, which is the most important component of a serve in volleyball.