Learn Volleyball

How can I learn volleyball?

volleyball 101

In order to learn volleyball, one must familiarize themselves with the basic rules and skills of the game. The basic rules of volleyball are two teams made up of six players each, the game is played usually to 25 and you must win by two points. In order to get a point the team must hit the ball to the opposing team’s side of the net with no return. Each team is allowed three hits on their side net, and the game features rally scoring (do not have to serve to get the point).  The basic skills involved within the sport include: serving, passing, setting, blocking, digging, substitution, and spiking.  Some skills are complex and require certain forms and techniques. It will take time to develop a baseline for these skills, but these are  critical in learning the sport of volleyball.

What is the best way to get into volleyball?

The best way to get into volleyball would be to join a volleyball team or league. This will put you in touch with coaches and players who have been involved in the sport for many years. They can offer coaching insights and tips to improve your skills. By joining a team will ensure that you are consistently practicing and improving your skills and offer real life competition to compete against. It is also important to practice as much as you can when first starting this will help you develop muscle memory skills and retain as much technique as possible. Starting with a good base and foundation is the best way to get into the sport.

Can you teach yourself volleyball?

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Yes it is possible to teach yourself volleyball, but it can be difficult. Due to the importance of technique in the sport, it can make it challenging for an individual to perfect their technique on their own. A helpful tool in teaching yourself volleyball would be to use a wall, this way one can practice serving, spiking, and blocking into a wall. You can practice setting to yourself as well as passing, which are both critical skills to master. Another part of your game to develop on your own can be agility, be practicing shuffling your feet and changing direction quickly will help expand your ability to cover more of the court. 

How long does it take to learn volleyball?

How long it takes to learn the sport will depend on the individual, learning the rules of the game is not challenging as most of the rules are pretty simple. Developing and mastering the techniques of the game will take additional time. It depends on the consistency in which an individual practices as well, a couple of months is the average time frame with consistent practice, to develop the basic skills. It can take years to master the skills at the professional level and athletic ability, age, and skill level will affect how long it takes to learn. 

How difficult is it to play volleyball?

Volleyball can be a difficult sport to learn because there are many different skills involved in the sport. Volleyball players must be able to play both offense and defense, be able to serve, volley, pass, set, spike, block, dig, and communicate. Communication is often an overlooked aspect of the game, but can be one of the more difficult to master. It is important to always be communicating with your teammates so there is no discrepancy on who is going to hit the ball. If there is any confusion one player must yell “mine” to establish that they are one who is going to hit the ball. The many different skills within the game can make the sport quite difficult as a whole just because there are so many different things to master and learn, and as competition and skill levels increase it becomes increasingly more difficult to play the sport. 

What do you need to start playing volleyball?

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In order to start playing volleyball the most important piece of equipment you will need is a volleyball net and court. Without the net there is no way to truly play the sport and courts do not need to be on a basketball floor, the sport can also be played outside on sand or grass. The other critical piece of equipment needed is volleyball, the other pieces needed are sportswear (t-shirt and shorts), and other players to be part of the game. For higher skilled games team uniforms must be worn as well as proper indoor shoes.

How much does it cost to learn volleyball?

The cost is usually on the lower side to learn volleyball, especially if you are teaching yourself to play. Costs can escalate if you opt into a class taught by a professional on how to learn the sport, but costs tend to be low because there is not a lot of equipment involved. The average cost for a volleyball is around $20-$30 and if you practice by yourself using a wall, costs will stay low. Reserving court time can be another costly expense as these spaces are limited and have uses for other sports as well. For higher levels of competition and play, club and professional level teams may have membership fees and additional costs to travel which can reach into the thousands of dollars.