Volleyball Net Play

Since the net is in the middle of the court during play, it makes sense that the ball might make contact with it at some point. If the ball does hit the net and go into the opponent’s court, the ball is considered live.

If the ball hits the net and stays on the offensive team’s court, it is considered live as long as the team hasn’t used all three of its hits.

On serves, the same rule applies. This is called a let serve.

Net Violation

The ball can touch the net, but a player can’t. Any time a player touches the net during rally play, it is considered a net violation.

A player can reach over and under the net, but can’t make contact.

Net Strategies

An attack block involves penetration, this is when a front row player puts his arms up and over the net to make a block.

Players can use the net to set strategically. A trap set is a pass hit close to the net, to set up for an attack. A deep set is a pass hit far from the net, to confuse the defense.

Who Plays Close To The Net

Front row players like the setter, middle blocker, or outside hitter can be found close to the net. Any player known for blocking will be seen close to the net. Most attacks are made at the net.