Volleyball Elbow Pads

Volleyball Elbow Pad

Similar to knee pads, elbow pads are a very common piece of equipment in the game of volleyball. While these are not required in most volleyball leagues, they help prevent injuries and discomfort. There is a lot to learn about the different types of volleyball elbow pads.

What Are Elbow Pads Used For?

Elbow pads are sleeves that can be either padded or non-padded. They slide over the arm and are designed to give cushioning and protection to the elbows. While some volleyball players will rarely dive for a ball or hit the floor, other positions require it on a regular basis. Defensive back row players and liberos will usually wear these the most as they dive for digs often and hit the ground a lot. 

Depending on the type of elbow pad, they can offer impact resistance to the elbow or scrape and burn protection to most of the arm. Some people may also wear them to help keep their elbows stiff and in place during passing. Elbow pads are commonly worn by volleyball players of all ages and skill levels.

Things to Consider

When looking for volleyball elbow pads, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What will you be using the elbow pads for?
  • Have you suffered an elbow injury?
  • How much money do you have to spend on elbow pads?
  • Do you have a favorite brand or colors?
  • Do you want the elbow pad to cover a small or large portion of your arms?


The different types of volleyball elbow pads include padded elbow pads, elbow sleeves, and full arm sleeves.

Padded Elbow Pads

Volleyball Padded Elbow Pads

Padded elbow pads are the most traditional form of volleyball elbow pads. They are usually the thickest and have the most padding. Padded elbow pads often lack breathability and can get very hot and sweaty during a game. These are best for people who want to prioritize impact protection. 

Elbow Sleeves

Volleyball Elbow Sleeves

Elbow sleeves are compression-like sleeves that mainly cover the elbow area. They can be padded or non-padded. These sleeves provide compression benefits such as better blood flow and recovery, while also preventing friction burns and scrapes. Padded versions will also provide some impact protection. These sleeves usually provide better mobility than elbow pads as well.

Full Arm Sleeves

Volleyball Full Arm Sleeves

Full arm sleeves are very similar to elbow sleeves, except that they cover the biceps and forearms as well. These can also be padded or non-padded. These are better for players who want protection for the entire arm instead of just the elbows.


The most popular brands that produce volleyball elbow pads are Tandem, Mizuno, and FitsT4.

  • Tandem: Tandem produces a wide variety of volleyball equipment. They mainly make padded elbow pads with foam padding.
  • Mizuno: Mizuno makes equipment and gear for a few different sports. They make elbow pads and arm sleeves in a variety of colors.
  • FitsT4: FitsT4 makes gear for maily outdoor and recreational sports. They make arm sleeves designed to help with passing and soreness.


When deciding which elbow pads to buy, always consider the durability, cost, and sizes.


Elbow sleeves will likely last a while as they are made from durable materials such as neoprene and nylon. Most types of elbow pads and sleeves will last at least a few seasons if they are taken care of properly. If the padding begins to wear out or if the fabric begins to tear, it is best to replace them.


Most volleyball elbow pads can be found for $15 to $30. These will usually come in pairs, so buying individual elbow pads can cost even less. Full arm sleeves that are padded and made by high quality brands such as Mizuno or Nike may sometimes cost more than $30.


Most volleyball elbow pads will come in either one size fits all or a few different sizes. These sizes will likely range from S to XL or will be categorized as youth, men’s, or women’s.


Are elbow pads required in volleyball?

No, elbow pads are not required in volleyball. While they are not required most of the time, they are certainly allowed as they promote safety and proper technique.

What are elbow pads for in volleyball?

Elbow pads are used to protect a volleyball player's elbows and arms against different injuries, burns or discomfort. They also can provide better circulation and recovery from the compression sleeves. Elbow pads can even promote better technique by allowing the player to fully commit to a play without having to worry about injury.

What elbow pads do professional volleyball players use?

Professional volleyball players use all types of elbow pads. While many of them do not even use elbow pads, most will use elbow sleeves or full arm sleeves. While elbow pads are less common, they are still worn by some professionals.