Volleyball Blocking Drills

volleyball blocking drills

Blocking is one of the most fundamental defensive skills that a volleyball player can have, and there are several different ways that both amateurs and professionals can hone their blocking speed and accuracy. Listed below are a few of the main blocking drills every volleyball player should know.

List of Volleyball Blocking Drills

  • Attack the Hole
  • Block on Box
  • Jousting
  • Mirror Blocking
  • Shadow Blocking

Attack the Hole

Attacking the Hole is a drill that enhances both hitting and blocking. There will be two blockers at the net on one side of the court and one hitter on the other side. It is the hitter’s job to hit the ball in the “hole” between the two blockers’ arms, and the blockers must try to close the gap and block the ball back to the hitter’s side of the court. If the hitter gets through the gap, they score a point, and if the blockers block the ball, they receive a point.

Block on Box

In the block on box drill, blockers practice their form while standing on boxes at the net. The coach will hit a ball at the blocker, and they must use good form to block the ball back over the net. By standing on a box, blockers can focus just on their arms and not get tired from repetitively jumping at the net.


Jousting helps blockers practice what to do when there is a ball above the net between two blockers. This is called a “50/50” ball, and it is the blocker’s job to push the ball to their opponent’s side of the court. In this drill, the coach throws up a ball, and the two blockers must jump up and try to push the ball over the net. This allows players to practice jousting tactics to use in games.

Mirror Blocking

Mirror blocking helps blockers learn to move with their opponent and practice the proper blocking technique. This drill is practiced with two blockers, one on either side of the net. One blocker will go through the blocking motion, and the other player will mirror their movements.

Shadow Blocking

Shadow blocking is a drill that has three players all blocking at the same time. Line up players at the left side of the ten-foot line. The first player will run up to the net and block, even though no one is hitting a ball at them. They will then rotate back to the ten-foot line, but this time in the middle of the court. As the first player runs back to the net to block again, the next player in line on the left side joins in.


What is the best blocking drill in volleyball?

The best blocking drill in volleyball is Attack the Hole. This is because it’s a combination drill that helps players both hone the speed and accuracy of their blocking while also helping practice hitting power and accuracy. It’s also a fun drill to help foster team spirit and coordination.