Volleyball Ball Carts

Volleyball Cart

Keeping equipment organized is very important in maintaining a well-run volleyball environment. With the large number of volleyballs that are used during practice and warmups, having carts makes holding and organizing the balls much simpler. Almost every school or team will have some sort of volleyball cart.

What Are Volleyball Ball Carts Used For?

Volleyball ball carts are large baskets or containers that have wheels. They have a few different functions. They can easily allow for a large number of balls to be stored and transported during practices and games. It would be very inefficient to have a bunch of balls lying around and to try to carry them one-by-one out of storage. Volleyball ball carts help eliminate that problem. Not only are they good for storage, but they also are useful tools during drills and warmups.

During hitting lines or other drills where a player may use a different ball every rep, ball carts are an easy place for the player to grab balls from. They also hold a lot of balls so that a player can serve or hit many balls in a row without having to retrieve the same ball every time. Volleyball ball carts come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes, but all different types have similar uses.

Things to Consider

When looking for a volleyball ball cart, you'll want to consider the following:

  • How many balls do you need to carry in the cart?
  • What size ball cart are you looking for?
  • Do you want a ball cart with wheels?
  • Do you want the cart to be made out of certain materials?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a ball cart?

What Are You Looking For in a Volleyball Ball Cart?

  • To be used for practice or warmups
  • To be easily accessible
  • To hold a large number of balls
  • To be foldable
  • To be used in fast-paced drills
  • To be affordable
  • To be easily transported


The different types of volleyball ball carts include carts, hammocks, and racks.


Volleyball Cart

Carts are the most basic and common type of volleyball cart. They are usually shaped like a cube and will usually be able to hold the most balls. They are often foldable and a good choice for storing and moving as many balls as possible.


volleyball hammocks

Hammock carts have a similar construction to regular carts but are longer and more shallow. The hammock shape storage area allows for easier access while grabbing balls, which is especially helpful for fast-paced drills. This style of cart typically does not hold as many balls as a regular cart, but is also often foldable.


volleyball racks

Volleyball ball racks are similar in design to basketball shelf racks. They feature three to four shelves that will hold around five balls per shelf. Racks stack balls on top of each other for efficient storage but make it slightly harder to quickly access the balls. This type of cart is also not foldable.


What are the benefits of using a volleyball cart?

Volleyball carts have a few different uses. They make it easy to store and transport balls within a facility. They also are a great place to hold a large number of balls during drills and over the course of practice and warmups. They help keep a team organized and run practice efficiently.

How much does a volleyball cart cost?

Most volleyball carts can be found for under $200. Carts that use more expensive and durable materials, as well as ones that fold, will usually cost around that much. Other types of carts can be found for as little as $100.

What brands make the best volleyball carts?

Baden, Mikasa, and Tachikara are some brands that make high-quality volleyball carts. These companies are known for making high-quality volleyball products, and their carts are no different. They use a mixture of durable materials, such as aluminum, steel, and nylon and are easily transported.