Volleyball Bags And Backpacks

Volleyball Bag

Volleyball bags are important for carrying your uniform and other essentials, as well as transporting all your belongings to and from games. Below we will cover the types, materials, and brands you should know, along with some important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for your next volleyball bag.

What are volleyball bags used for?

Volleyball bags are used to carry and protect all your volleyball equipment. Volleyball bags are typically the last item purchased by volleyball players once they have identified exactly how much space they'll need. Volleyball bags can be used to hold equipment such as knee pads, shoes, extra change of clothes, socks, water, tape and other gear that a player may need to bring to the court. Depending on the size of the volleyball bag, many feature compartments that make it easy to organize and separate all your equipment and gear. Volleyball bags are available in different styles and colors, so players must choose the one that best meets their needs and personality.

Things To Consider

When looking for volleyball bags and backpacks, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What are you going to be using the bag for?
  • How much space do you need in the bag?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a volleyball bag?
  • Do you need the bag to be waterproof?
  • Do you have a favorite brand or color?


Some of the main types of volleyball bags include drawstring, duffle, backpack, and ball bags.


Volleyball Bag Drawstring

Drawstring bags are a versatile option for carrying personal belongings and smaller items. Since they are smaller, they are very portable and can be taken anywhere. These bags are highly customizable. As drawstring bags have one main compartment, they are easily accessible. However, drawstring bags have limited storage space.


Volleyball Bag Duffle

Duffle bags are a convenient option for players who wish to carry larger amounts of equipment. Duffle bags can have multiple compartments with separate pockets, making it easier to organize all your gear. Many duffle bags also have adjustable shoulder straps to make them easier to carry.


Volleyball Bag Backpack

Volleyball backpacks are a secure and durable option to store all of your equipment. They usually have a main compartment, with additional zippered pockets. Backpacks generally also have side pockets to hold water bottles or other belongings. Most backpacks feature padded shoulder straps to make them comfortable to carry for long periods of time.

Ball Bag

Volleyball Ball Bag

Ball bags are used to carry and store volleyballs. These bags come in a few different styles, sizes, and materials. Volleyball ball bags are available in individual sizes, as well as bags that carry six or more volleyballs. A mesh bag is best suited for local schools and tournaments, as they provide the bare minimum in terms of protection and could prove to be a liability on longer trips. Teams should consider purchasing a heavy-duty bag if they intend on traveling long distances to compete.


Volleyball bags come in a few different materials, with the main ones being polyester and nylon.

  • Polyester: Polyester is an easy fabric to modify, allowing volleyball bags to have many patterns, shapes, and decorations. They also have a fast drying time making them water and stain-resistant. Polyester is a durable material that can last years if it is properly maintained.
  • Nylon: Nylon is absorbent, making it ideal for protecting your gear inside the bag. Nylon bags are also very easy to wash and clean while still maintaining their original appearance.


There are many brands to choose from when purchasing volleyball bags, including Mizuno, Adidas, and Asics.

  • Mizuno: Mizuno offers a range of volleyball bags, including backpacks, ball bags, duffles, and drawstrings. All their bags are offered in different color options and have different storage features.
  • Adidas: Adidas sells duffle bags and backpacks for volleyball players. Their backpacks are a versatile option that allows for the storage of both volleyball equipment and personal belongings. Some of their bags have a hydroshield base to keep the bags water-resistant.
  • Asics: Asics offers some popular options for backpacks, duffle bags, and ball bags. A unique feature many of their bags have is a specialized pocket for wet clothing and shoes.


Some important considerations when purchasing a volleyball bag are durability, cost, and storage space.


The durability of volleyball bags depends on the quality of materials and price. If the bags have waterproof and stain-resistant properties, they will most likely last longer. This is why polyester and nylon are popular materials for volleyball bags. If polyester bags are taken care of properly, they can last up to five years or more. Durability also depends on how players use and treat the bag.


The cost of volleyball bags varies depending on the brand, type, and material of the bag. Drawstring bags cost around $10. For a duffle and backpack, you can expect starting costs to be around $25. Ball bags cost between $6-$35. Prices often increase in the case of premium brands.

Storage Space

Volleyball bags do not usually come in specific sizes. Typically, duffles are larger with greater storage space. Backpacks have slightly less space than duffles, and drawstrings are mainly for personal essentials. Lastly, ball bags only store volleyballs.


What do you put in your volleyball bag?

Common types of equipment and gear stored in volleyball bags include volleyball shoes, a uniform, an extra set of clothes, water bottles, socks, knee pads, and ankle braces. Some other common items include headphones, warm-up shirts, towels, and a shower kit. Each player's bag will consist of different items depending on individual preference and how far they are traveling to compete.

How much do volleyball bags cost?

There is no standard price for volleyball bags as they all vary based on material, quality, and brand. The starting prices for the bags are $6 for ball bags, $8 for drawstrings, and $25 for duffles and backpacks. Although these are the starting prices, they can increase. Premium brands such as Mizuno or Asics usually charge more for better quality materials and the brand name.

What are the different kinds of volleyball bags?

The main kinds of volleyball bags are drawstrings, duffles, backpacks, and ball bags. Drawstrings are a versatile option for players to carry smaller items and any personal belongings. Duffles are ideal for players who need more space for larger equipment and gear. Backpacks are a great option to keep all items organized and secure while providing an easy method of carrying them with shoulder straps. Ball bags are best for the transportation and storage of volleyballs.