What is Volleyball?

Volleyball is a team sport that generally takes place indoors. It is played with a ball on a rectangular, 18 meter by nine meter court that is divided in half by an elevated net.

What are the objectives in Volleyball?

Each team plays on one side of the net and consists of six players. The game is broken down into sets and matches in which each team's goal is to win enough points to win a set and then win enough sets to win the match.

What is the history of Volleyball?

The creation of volleyball by William G. Morgan in Holyoke, Massachusetts came out of the need to give an older demographic a way to exercise without being too difficult to perform. Originally termed "Mintonette," the game was given the name we are familiar with today soon after its inception as a sport.

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How does the scoring work in Volleyball?

Scoring a point can be done in a few different ways. First, one team may hit the ball over the net and have it land, inbounds, on the opposing team's side. Alternatively, one team may hit the ball in a manner that causes it to land out of bounds. The other team earns a point when the ball goes out of bounds. Additionally, a violation on one team results in a point for the other team.

What are the skills required to play volleyball?

In Volleyball, getting the ball to land on the other side of the net inbounds or forcing a hit by the opposing team that results in the ball landing out of bounds is dependant on a few basic skills. These include serving, passing, blocking, setting, spiking, and digging. Each of these skills are used in different scenarios throughout the game.

What are the rules of volleyball?

It must be noted that there are several very important rules that must be understood in order to effectively play the game of volleyball. For example, the ball cannot be hit by the same player twice in a row and can only be hit a maximum of three times by a team. After this, the ball must be hit over to the opposing team.The ball must also be hit rather than held and subsequently thrown.

What are other game types in volleyball?

It is also worth mentioning that beach volleyball is an internationally recognized sport with slightly different rules, though the base games are the same. Its first Olympic appearance was in 1996.

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