Volleyball is a team sport that generally takes place indoors. It is played with a ball on a rectangular, 18 meter by 9 meter court that is divided in half by an elevated net. Each team plays on one side of the net and consists of six players. The game is broken down into sets and matches in which each team's goal is to win enough points to win a set and then win enough sets to win the match. Beach volleyball is an internationally recognized sport with slightly different rules, though the base games are the same. Its first Olympic appearance was in 1996.


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What are the basic rules of volleyball?

  • 6 players total on the court, 3 in the front row and 3 in the back
  • Maximum of only 3 hits before the ball is returned
  • Players can't touch the ball twice in a row
  • Players may not catch, hold, or throw the ball

What are the 6 volleyball positions?

Why is it called volleyball?

Volleyball was originally called "Mintonette," however it was renamed to volleyball since the goal of the game was to volley the ball over the net.

How much does volleyball equipment cost?

A ball will cost anywhere between $20 and $50. Along with that, shorts and a jersey will cost another $40. You can find a nice pair of volleyball shoes for $115, and more affordable pairs for a price of $40.


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