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Ultimate frisbee, more commonly referred to as ultimate, is a fun non-contact sport that is easy for beginners to pick up and play. The game is played on a 120x360 ft field. Seven players from (three handlers and four cutters) from each team can be on the field at once, making a total of 14 players. Ultimate is like football in that the goal is to get to the opposing team's endzone. The two main differences between ultimate and football is that ultimate is played with a disc, and once you are passed the disc you have to stop running, only being able to pivot from one foot. This means that to score a point you have to catch the disc in the opposing team's endzone. Ultimate is unique in its emphasis on sportsmanship. "The spirit of the game" is a major part of ultimate and it is one of the few sports that is self officiated.


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What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate is a fast-paced, no-contact sport that is played between two teams, each with seven players (three handlers and four cutters) on the field at a time. The goal is for a team to pass the disc down the field until the disc is caught in the opposing team's endzone for a point.

Ultimate is played all over the world but is most popular on the U.S. west coast. Seattle is widely regarded as the ultimate capital of the world.

Is Ultimate Frisbee an olympic sport?

Even though the International Olympic Committee recognizes Ultimate as a sport, it did not make the cut as a represented sport in the upcoming Olympic games for Tokyo 2020 or Paris 2024. When the Games come to Los Angeles in 2028, the Ultimate community is going to try and advocate the inclusion of Ultimate.

What makes Ultimate Unique?

The reason why Ultimate is different from any other sport in this way is because the thought of intentionally fouling, or trying to gain an advantage through disregarding the rules, is heavily discouraged. To lose respect from any party, including teammates, is to not uphold the positivity of the sport. Being a part of the community, players have a responsibility to show rookies that Ultimate isn't just about the game, but about the environment and encouragement between people.


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