How Long is Each Part Of A Triathlon?

How Long Is Each Part Of A Triathlon
Super Sprint8 miles (12.9km)0.25 miles (400m)6.21 miles (10km)1.55 miles (2.5km)
Sprint16 miles (25.75km)0.5 miles (0.75km)12.4 miles (20km)3.1 miles (5km)
Olympic Standard31.93 miles (51.5km)0.93 mile (1.5km) 24.8 miles (40km)6.2 miles (10km)
Half Triathlon70.3 miles (113km)1.2 miles (1.9km)56 miles (90km)13.1 miles (21.1km)
Full Triathlon140.6 miles (226km)2.4 miles (3.8km)112 miles (180km)26.2 miles (42.2km)

The length of each part of a triathlon depends on what type of triathlon an athlete is competing in. In each official distance though, the swim is the shortest, the bike is the longest, and the run is at a distance between those two. The order of each triathlon is also the same in each official distance, always beginning with the swim, followed by the bike section, and then the run.

Things To Consider:

  • Triathlons consist of a swim, bike, and run.
  • The distances are unique based on the type of triathlon and the course.
  • The type of course and environment of each leg.
  • The type of triathlon: Olympic, sprint, super sprint, half ironman, full ironman.

Chicago Triathlon Distance

Below is an example of triathlon distances for the Chicago Triathlon.

Olympic31.93 miles0.93 miles (1500m)24.8 miles (40K)6.2 miles (10K)
Sprint18.57 miles0.47 miles15 miles3.1 miles
Super Sprint7.95 miles0.23 miles6.2 miles1.5 miles
Kids (Ages: 11-14)5.64 miles0.124 miles (200m)4.4 miles1.24 miles
Juniors (Ages: 7-10)2.82 miles0.062 miles (100m)2.2 miles0.62 miles

Olympic Standard Triathlons

Also known as international distance, short course, or standard course. This distance is the same as the Olympics. In the Olympics there is no stop between the three legs. At the Olympic level it is completed in 1 hour and 50 minutes. The modern triathlon made its debut in the Olympics at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Types of Triathlons

  • Paratriathlon
  • Super Sprint
  • Sprint
  • Olympic Standard
  • Half Triathlon (Half Ironman)
  • Full Triathlon (Full Ironman)

Multi-Sport Triathlons

  • Aquathon
  • Duathlon
  • Cross Triathlon
  • Long Distance Triathlon
  • Winter Triathlon
  • Mixed Team Relay

List of Triathlons

  • Look at the events calendar for upcoming triathlons around the world.
  • Trifind: To find a triathlon in a specific location or by type.