Are You Allowed To Wear Headphones During A Triathlon?

No. Headphones, headsets, and other devices are not permitted during any triathlon event.

Headphones, headsets, and other audio devices are not permitted during any triathlon event. These devices can easily distract the competitors, which can lead to possible injury and may also result in penalties given by judges. Aside from the standard question regarding headphones, there are a few other frequently asked questions that are unknown to most triathlon athletes. These questions deal with safety policies. In the table below, we see three essential race rules that all competitors should be aware of.

Prevent head injuries by using an approved helmet

Since 1999, all races in the United States require a helmet approved by CPSC. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has made it their goal to decrease and even prevent head injuries.

Buckle up helmet

Simply wearing a helmet will not save your noggin from a fall. In previous years, many athletes have forgotten to strap in, leading to several injuries.

Attend pre-race rule meeting

Pre-race rule meetings are now mandatory in most triathlon events. It is extremely important to be aware of boundaries, road bumps, etc., to avoid miscommunication and potential injuries.