What Are The Best Seats At A Track And Field Events?

What Are the Best Seats at Track and Field Events

At track and field events, spectators may wonder where the best seats are and how much tickets cost. With most racing sports, the “best seats” are typically right where the event ends, next to the finish line. Reserved seats guarantee finish line placement and allow exclusive views, while the remaining seats are for the general public. Which of these seats are best is really up to the spectator’s preference and where they want to watch the event. Listed below are seats provided at track and field events and their different specifications.

General Admission Seats

For the individual who wants the most basic seating option, general admission is the choice. These seats are further from the finish line, towards the backstretch and turning areas. Prices may vary for certain events, on average costing between $35 and $120. General admission seating is available both online and on the day of the event. In general admission areas, you can pick any seat that is unoccupied because there are no specific reserved seats. This section may not be for fans who want to be part of the action at the start/finish line. If you want to watch the competition from a distance and at an affordable price, general admission may be the best option available.

Reserved Seats

Reserved seats are available for the spectators who want an upgrade from general admission seats. Online tickets typically must be purchased for these seats. Reserved tickets vary from $75-$250 but can change with special events. When purchasing reserved tickets, you can pick a specific seat within the 100m homestretch. The start of the 100m homestretch is where the reserved section begins and will give spectators a view of the competitors as they start and finish the race. Reserved seats make attending a track and field event easy, as they ensure you will have a desirable seat available. The closer the reserved seats get to the finishing line, the pricier the tickets will become.

Finish Line Reserved Seats

When it comes to the most expensive seats at a track and field event, the reserved section near the start/finish will always be the priciest. This is because it’s right near where the event starts and finishes. These tickets typically vary in price from $140-$250 but can change with special events. Finish line reserved seats will always provide a more up-close and personal feeling that cannot be obtained in other seating options. For the spectator who wants the best possible experience, finish line reserved seats will always reign supreme. This area is also where the most dedicated fans and media tend to be, which draws even more attention to the area.

What Are the Best Seats at a Track and Field Event?

When going to a track and field event, there are three main sections of seating to pick from. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, general admission seating is the best option. This seating option is great for anyone who is new to track and field events because it provides a basic experience for the lowest cost. Reserved seating is one step up from general admission and is great because it gives the spectator the choice of picking a specific seat in the homestretch section of the event. The finish line reserved seating area is by far the best seating option because of its location. By sitting by the start and finish line of the event, fans can feel all the excitement and witness the dramatic finishes up close.