List of Track and Field Sports A-Z

List of Track and Field Sports

Track and field events are some of the oldest sports in the world. These events are individual-based for the most part and involve simple measures of speed and strength. Track events include various running competitions, while field events consist of throwing or strength sports such as the pole vault, high jump, discus, and javelin. Track and field events were first introduced in the Olympics of Ancient Greece around 776 B.C. Since then, participation in these events has grown immensely. At the high school level, track and field is the most popular sport for individuals to compete in. Besides the Summer Olympics, the World Athletics Championships is one of the world’s most famous track and field competitions. Usain Bolt is one of the most famous track and field athletes, known for his record-breaking speed. In addition, track and field star Allyson Felix has won an impressive 11 Olympic medals, making her the winningest female track athlete at the Olympic Games.

Track and Field Sports List A to Z


What are track and field sports?

Track and field sports consist of strength, speed, and endurance events that are located on a traditional oval track and the area inside of it. These athletic contests focus on an athlete's ability to run, jump, or throw. The running-oriented events include the decathlon, heptathlon, icosathlon, marathon, racewalking, relay race, and sprinting. Jumping events include the high jump, long jump, and triple jump. Other events are a combination of running and jumping, which includes hurdling and steeplechase. Finally, throwing events include the discus, hammer throw, and javelin.

What are the oldest track and field sports?

During ancient Greek times, the oldest track and field sports were introduced. At the first Ancient Olympic Games in 776 B.C. there was only the 200-yard sprint. In later years, this first version of the Olympics included events such as the long jump, javelin, stadion footrace, and discus throw. The marathon is another old track and field sport, which was first introduced in the Athen Olympic Games in 1896.

The most popular track and field sports include many of the running events due to the wide range of distances available and their easy accessibility. Athletes have the opportunity to compete in running events with a distance of 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, 5000 meters, or 10000 meters. Specifically, the 100-meter dash is one of the most popular track and field events to watch in the Olympics. In addition, the running relay races are very popular to watch as well due to their requirement of teamwork. Other popular track and field sports include hurdling, long jump, and pole vault.

What track and field sports are in the Olympics?

Track and field sports in the Olympics consist of various running, throwing, and jumping events. Traditional running events include the sprint, relay racing, middle-distance running, long-distance running, racewalking, and the marathon. Each of these running events has variations in the specific length of the race. The jumping events in the Olympics include the long jump, triple jump, and high jump. The throwing-based events in the Olympics include the javelin, shot put, hammer throw, and discus throw. Finally, other unique Olympic events include the hurdles, steeplechase, pole vault, decathlon, and heptathlon.