History Of Track And Field

Track and Field History

What is the history of Track And Field? What are its origins? Where did Track And Field come from? Who invented it? Here is the history of Track And Field.

Country of Origin

Track and Field originates from the ancient Olympics. These Olympics took place in Greece. These Olympics happened a long time ago, so their history is not extremely clear. However, it is known that Track and Field was the first event. It was also believed to be the only event for the first thirteen Olympics.


There is no one man credited for inventing the Olympics. Rather, it is the country of Greece who started the Olympics which receives the credit.

One notable figure is Koroibos. Koroibos, a cook at the time of the first olympics, won the first ever Olympic event: the stadium race.


Track and Field is believed to have been played for the first time in 776 B.C. This was the first Olympics. There is some historic evidence which suggests that the ancient olympics began even earlier. The Olympics were banned in A.D. 394.

The Modern Olympics were established in 1896. At the collegiate level, track and field was reborn a bit earlier. In 1849 the Royal Military Academy in Britain held the first collegiate track and field meeting.

In the 1860’s the sport began to grow quite a bit. The first ever English Championships were held in 1866. This competition was made for amateurs, or people who had never made money off their skills. To the day, this competition still exists.

In 1880 the Amatuer Athletic Club, which had designed the English Championships, was replaced by the Amatuer Athletic Assocation.


Track and Field certainly was popular when it was invented for the first ever Olympics. However, it didn’t see modern popularity until the 1860’s. The creation of the Amatuer Athletic Club allowed the sport to be organized, and led to the first ever English Championship.

In 1896, when the Modern Olympics first happened, Track and Field grew even more popular.

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  • Jamaica
  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • Great Britain
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Key Facts and Timeline

  • ~776 B.C. - Track and Field Invented in first Olympics Games
  • A.D. 334 - Olympics banned
  • 1100’s - Brief revival of Track and Field in Britain
  • 1849 - First ever collegiate Track and Field Meet
  • 1860’s - Track and Field begins to gain popularity
  • 1896 - Modern Olympics begin