What Is The Prize Money For The Masters?

what is the prize money for the masters

As one of the most prestigious stops on the PGA tour, placing high in the tournament pays very well. The total prize money for the 2023 Masters is $15 million and is split among the players in the competition. Read on to learn exactly how much money each player participating in the Masters gets at the end of the tournament.

Prize Money Breakdown

While winning the Masters is not all about the money, the first-place finisher is given a sizable reward for his performance. Besides the famous green jacket, the winner of the Masters receives 18% of the total prize money or $2.7 million. Although the first-place finisher receives the most prize money, the other competitors do not walk away empty-handed. Here is a breakdown of the cash payouts to each of the top finishers:

RankShare Amount
1st Place18% of prize money$2,700,000
2nd Place10.8% of prize money$1,620,000
3rd Place6.8% of prize money$1,020,000
4th Place4.8% of prize money$720,000
5th Place4% of prize money$600,000
6th Place3.6% of prize money$540,000
7th Place3.35% of prize money$502,500
8th Place3.1% of prize money$465,000
9th Place2.9% of prize money$435,000
10th Place2.7% of prize money$405,000

Lowest Prize Money

Apart from the top finishers at the Masters, the rest of the competitors also receive a reward as well. The prize money continues to be split among the golfers depending on where they finish compared to the other competitors. Below is a breakdown of the prize money awarded to the golfers who finish in lower positions:

Rank ShareAmount
41st Place0.41% of prize money $61,500
42nd Place0.39% of prize money$58,500
43rd Place0.37% of prize money$55,500
44th Place0.35% of prize money$52,500
45th Place0.33% of prize money $49,500
46th Place0.31% of prize money$46,500
47th Place0.29% of prize money$43,500
48th Place0.274% of prize money$41,100
49th Place0.26% of prize money$39,000
50th Place0.252% of prize money$37,800

For the players that finish lower than 50th place, the remainder of the prize money is paid based on the golfer’s score and finish, with the highest payout totaling $37,900.


If players in the Masters end up finishing with the same score and in the same position, the money is totaled up among the ranking positions that the players would have finished in and then averaged so that the same sum is paid to each player that tied. For example, if two players tied for second place, the prize money would be added up for both second and third place and then split into two to be paid to each golfer.

Other Major Tournaments


While the prize money of the Masters is substantial, the other three major tournaments also pay very generous sums of money to the winners. Here is the total prize money awarded at each of the four major golf tournaments:

MajorPrize Money
Masters Tournament$15 million
PGA Championship$12 million
U.S. Open$17.5 million
The Open Championship$14 million


What is the prize money for winning the Masters?

The winner of the 2023 Masters will receive a whopping $2.7 million in prize money. This represents 18% of the tournament’s total prize fund of $15 million. This is almost double what the second-place finisher gets in the tournament ($1.6 million, or 10.8% of the total prize fund).