What is Wheelchair Tennis?

What is Wheelchair Tennis? How does Wheelchair Tennis work? Get ready to learn about Wheelchair Tennis and discover how to be a fan, player, or coach. Start your journey to understanding Wheelchair Tennis here.

What is Wheelchair Tennis?

Wheelchair tennis began in the United States in 1976 when it was created by Brad Parks and Jeff Minnenbraker. The sport spread throughout the world during the 1980’s and first appeared on a national stage in 1988 when it was trialed at the Paralympic Games. Just four years later, the Paralympic Committee made it an official sport of the Paralympic Games in 1992.

How is wheelchair tennis played?

The sport is played amongst 2-4 athletes who lack the ability to fully use their legs. There are two different competitions within Wheelchair Tennis: singles and doubles. In a singles match, one player competes against another competitor. In doubles, two players team up and face another pair of players. The goal of the game is to hit the tennis ball over the net within the boundaries of your opponent's side of the court. You win the point when the ball bounces more than two times on their side without them returning the ball back to your side. The game requires an immense amount of upper body strength as players maneuver around the court in a self propelled wheelchair. 

The professional sport has around 150 tournaments in 40 different countries yearly.  Some of the major event names are the US Open, Wimbolden, French Open, Australian Open, and the Paralympics.