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What Kind of Tennis Racket Does Roger Federer Use?

Roger Federer is a highly ranked tennis player in the world meaning that he receives state of the art equipment and even has racquets fitted specifically for him. For a large portion of his early career, Federer stuck with the Wilson Pro Staff 90, which had a small but an efficient sweet spot. In 2013, he decided to make the switch to the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph with Champions Choice strings due to slumping results and an injury-plagued season.

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The Wilson Tennis Racquet

Federer worked hard with Wilson to create a racquet that fit his specs perfectly and also to make it available to the public. This racquet that Federer uses is on the heavier side compared to other racquets that players use, but if the user can deal with the weight, the racquet will give wonderful hits on the ball. A very cool aspect of the racquet is that on the inside, there is a printed signature of Federer in order to show that it is his racquet specs and customizations.

Racquets in tennis are similar to shoes in golf with players wanting to use the same racquet that the best of the best players use. This means that players can create their own racquet and be able to sell it to fans that want to buy it.

The actual specs that Federer uses on his racquet are different to that of the ones that are sold in stores. This is because Federer's personal racquet is customized specifically for him making his racquet slightly heavier than the rest of the batch.