Wilson Tennis

What Is Wilson Tennis

Wilson is a sporting goods company based in the United States. Wilson makes equipment, gear, and apparel for many sports including: tennis, baseball, golf, basketball, volleyball, softball, and more. Wilson is known for the variety of sports that they make equipment for, and they are the number one equipment brand across more sports than any other brand in the American sport industry. Wilson's top sports are tennis, golf, and basketball, but they are very impactful across many other sports across the globe.

Wilson Tennis is simply the tennis section of the Wilson brand. Wilson Tennis includes all equipment, gear, and apparel that Wilson makes strictly for it's tennis lines. Some of the most popular things that Wilson makes for tennis is tennis rackets and tennis balls. Wilson balls are the official tennis ball of the US Open tournament and many other events, and are a very popular ball to use. Their tennis rackets are also one of the more popular rackets to use in the world. Wilson is also known for making other tennis products such as shoes, strings, bags, grips, accessories, and apparel.

They are one of the top tennis companies in the world and their products are used by many professional tennis players such as Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Simona Halep. Wilson tennis is a globally recognized brand and one of the top tennis companies in the world, dominating the tennis world with their wide variety of products and gear.