What Is The USPTA In Tennis?

What Is The Uspta In Tennis

The United States Professional Tennis Association, or USPTA, is considered to be a leader worldwide when it comes to elevating the standards of tennis professionals in the United States. The organization focuses on tennis-teacher certification and professional development of individuals.

History of the USPTA

The USPTA was founded in 1927 and consists of over 14,000 members globally and 17 divisions. The first meeting was held in the Spalding Building in NYC. Over 60 benefits are offered to its members.  A lot of these benefits are educational.  The USPTA is governed nationally by an elected Committee and Board of Directors that was done so democratically.  

USPTA Programs

The USPTA is a branch of the USTA (United States Tennis Organization). While a majority of the USPTA programs are geared towards the youth, the teaching professionals, and the “next generation” of life, the USPTA also has programs available for adults and holds tournaments for teenagers of the ages 10-18.