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What Is A Tennis Shirt?

Tennis Shirt

Men and women often wear a white sleeveless shirt when playing tennis. A cotton blended shirt will make the player feel cooler while playing for hours in the heat outdoors. While a short sleeve shirt is ideal for the weather, some courts do not allow players to wear such. As a result, players must wear a white shirt that allows them to feel comfortable and move well in.

Why Polo and The Benefits

A tennis shirt is usually referred to as a polo shirt or golf shirt. Tennis shirts are often made of a certain type of knitted cloth such as pique cotton, silk, or wool. The collars are thicker in order to protect the player from the sun. While for men, their shirts primarily are made and worn in white, for women, their tennis attire comes in a variety of colors.


In 1930, Lacoste invented the tennis shirt. The shirts and collars consisted of Oxford-cloth cotton which was both comfortable for the player and absorbed the sun well. In 1950, the slang "polo shirt" was used to describe the type of shirts that these tennis players would wear. In 1967, Ralph Lauren started their own line of collar shirts that they called "Polo." Although they were not specifically made for tennis, the line of shirts was similar to those worn. In 1990, some high tech industries made the "tennis shirt" polo their standard work uniforms.