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What Is A Tennis Bubble?

What Is A Tennis Bubble

Tennis bubbles are large inflated structures. They create massive indoor spaces for tennis players to use year round. Tennis bubbles are also commonly known as air-supported structures or air domes.

Instead of relying on traditional solid supports and gravity, tennis bubbles are entirely supported by air. This air is filtered as it is pushed into the structure, ensuring necessary quality of air for breathing and intense exercising.

Playing Conditions

The conditions inside a tennis bubble remain constant. It is not unusual for heated or cooled air to be added as necessary, but a typical tennis bubble will maintain fairly constant pressure and cool temperature.

One of the main complaints about playing tennis matches inside bubbles is that the conditions are slightly different from those outdoors, requiring players to adjust their techniques. Tennis balls may bounce differently based on the temperature of the environment; a tennis ball that is colder has lower pressure, and therefore bounces slightly less than a warmer ball.

Where are Tennis Bubbles Used?

The popularity of tennis bubbles has grown over the years, especially in cold-weather areas. These locations are most in need of a structure that will protect them from the elements.

Areas with hot weather also use tennis bubbles, though; for tennis players in these warmer regions, a tennis bubble can provide a cool space to play instead of uncomfortable or overwhelming outdoor heat.

Tennis bubbles can fit a single court or many, depending on the size of the available area. They can also be deflated when not in use.

Professional matches are less likely to be played inside tennis bubbles, but they are still valuable resources for recreational and small-scale matches.