Tennis Arm Sleeves

What Is A Tennis Arm Sleeve

Tennis arm sleeves have become increasingly popular in recent years, as sports equipment has improved and modernized. Though there are many sports in which players wear arm sleeves, each sport’s sleeve is a little bit different. Let’s learn more about tennis arm sleeves!

Tennis Arm Sleeves

Tennis arm sleeves are specialized sleeves worn by tennis players while practicing or playing  tennis. They are similar to other arm sleeves used in various sports, including football and basketball. Tennis arm sleeves usually cover the area from under the player’s shoulder to a few inches before their wrist, so as to not restrict their wrist movement. They can be any color and come in multiple sizes, though their purpose is to provide a tight fit on the individual player’s arm regardless of the size of the arm.

Benefits of Tennis Arm Sleeves

The benefits of wearing a tennis arm sleeve are threefold: they add to style, power, and injury prevention.


This is the most shallow reason for wearing a sleeve but it is absolutely part of it. Players in all sports, but especially tennis, are in the spotlight and often carefully consider what they wear on the court. Accessories are not new to tennis, arm sleeves have just become part of those accessories in recent years.


The compression a tennis arm sleeve provides helps with muscles in matches. By supporting the arm and squeezing the muscles ever so slightly. tennis players have reported more power in their serves, slams, and swings.

Injury Prevention

Compression sleeves can also help prevent injury. Tennis elbow is unfortunately common in the sport and by putting compression on the elbow there can be a decrease in the amount of damage done to the player. Other claims for arm sleeves is that they regulate the temperature of a player’s arm and make the arm more aerodynamic. Arm sleeves are by no means necessary, but wearing at least one can be beneficial for all tennis players, especially those who play more often.


Why do tennis players wear arm sleeves?

Tennis players wear arm sleeves to compress their arm muscles for increased blood flow and performance. The compression provided by arm sleeves allows players to hit with more power and can decrease the likelihood and frequency of muscle injuries. Also, they are a popular accessory and are often worn for style reasons.