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What Is The Semi-Western Tennis Grip?

The semi-western grip is one of the most popular ways to hold the racket; most learners will be taught either the semi-western or the eastern grip. A grip in tennis is the way a player holds their tennis racquet. There are many different types of grips, including the semi-western grip.

The types of grips vary depending on how the player's dominant hand is positioned around the racket's handle. The handle has eight sides, or bevels, and in which of those sides the player's index-finger knuckle is positioned is what determines the type of grip being used. The sides are numbered from 1-8 clockwise. In order to have a semi-western grip, a right handed player would position their index-finger knuckle along the 4th side, and a left handed player along the 6th side.

Advantages of the Semi-Western Grip

A semi-western grip allows players to put a lot of topspin on their shots, contributing to a very aggressive style of play. Players are able to hit more difficult shots to return, leading to more points scored in each game. The semi-western is unquestionably the most popular grip today for professional players, as backcourt, strong, and aggressive tennis is being played today in the professional circuit.

Disadvantages of the Semi-Western Grip

There are two main disadvantages to using the semi-western. The grip is not very effective when volleying the ball, and transitioning from a forehand to a volley is not easy. In addition, although the semi-western is very useful when hitting high shots, players might have trouble trying to hit very low shots.


Who uses the semi-western grip?

Players like Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic are some of the players who use the semi-western grip during most of their matches, making use of that extra topspin provided by it.