What is The Salary of A Professional Tennis Coach?

What Is The Salary Of A Professional Tennis Coach

In order to be a great tennis player, you need a great coach. Even the best players such as Rafael Nadal need somebody to be coaching them. On average, a professional tennis coach will make roughly $50,000 a year. However, a coach of a top 100 tennis player may make between $1,000 and $2,500 a week, plus ten percent of the player's prize money and bonuses.

Salary Factors

There are also a variety of different factors that come into play when determining the salary of a pro tennis coach. For example, the number of hours that are worked each day can vary drastically. One day can involve very long hours with multiple clients, while the next day can have almost no clients. Being a tennis coach involves a lot of time on your feet, long hours, and an unpredictable schedule.

Coaching Lifestyle

The life of a professional tennis coach may not be as glamorous as one may make it out to be. It can include low pay, long hours, and there can also be some diva clients. There are always going to be whining, complaining, and racket-smashing clients who coaches need to deal with. It requires a lot of travel as well, and you need to be extremely skilled to enjoy it. Patrick Mouratoglou, a coach who has an academy in France, says that if you are just a so-so tennis coach, then it is the worst job in the world.