What Is A Pro Set In Tennis?

What Is A Pro Set In Tennis

In tennis, most matches are won by winning a certain amount of sets. These sets are won by winning a certain number of games, which are collections of points ("love, 15, 30, 40, advantage").

With this system, sets are usually won once a player reaches six games won. A pro set differs from this by being played to eight or ten points. Because of this, a pro set usually replaces multiple sets.

While a pro set usually takes less time than two sets, a pro set can get more intense due to the higher stakes of each set.


Pro sets exist so that players may complete matches quicker. Pro sets are used in many college competitions, for example, in order to complete matches in a timely manner so that more matches can take place.

Pro set scoring methods are used at many levels of competition, but the major competitions still use the multiple set systems.


The pro set scoring system also follows the "win by two rule," in which the winning player(s) must score more than one point more than their opponent.

Sometimes, a 12-point tiebreak is used to break a score of 7-7 or 9-9 in a pro set. This means that an additional miniature game is played to seven points.

These tiebreakers ensure that the winning player or team has a significant advantage over their opponent(s).